2nd Neurodiverse Homeschooling Summit

The entire 2nd Neurodiverse Homeschooling Summit available to you at your convenience.

With the All Access VIP Pass, you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to the entire series in audio format, video format, and instant access to download the gifts and resources from each speaker. - Get access to a secured member’s area to watch or listen to all of the recorded sessions over and over again.
  • A Customized Homeschooling Action Plan 1:1 Private Session With Afsaneh Moradian ($300 VALUE) - This private session will help you identify gaps in your homeschooling and create an action plan for overcoming challenges you’re currently facing. You can use this time to get your questions answered and receive personal support to achieve your homeschooling goals.

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Free All-Access Pass: 

  • Attendees can access the featured segment of the day for 24 hours after it’s released. 
  • Attendees can download the free resources from all speakers at any time throughout the event.

  • How to Handle Homeschooling Overwhelm with Katie Keene
  • How Visual Aids Can be a Game Changer with Sara Olsher 
  • Why Your Mindset Matters and How to Shift It with Stacie Walker
  • How to Create Meaningful Learning Experiences with Afsaneh Moradian
  • Why Your Child’s Behavior Can Be Annoying and What to Do About It with Dawn Friedman
  • Adapting Games for Your Unique Homeschoolers with Meg Grooms
  • Why Your Teen’s Personal Brand Matters for College Acceptance and Scholarships with Denise Thomas
  • How Worldschooling Creates Amazing Opportunities for Learning with Lizz Quain
  • How to Use Art and Creativity to Teach Emotions with Melissa Price
  • Making Self-Care a Reality for Working Homeschooling Parents with Charlotte Jones
  • How Podcasting Can Benefit Your Family with Lion and Kandi Fludd
  • The Amazing Benefits of Storytelling with Tonya Wollum
  • Why Representation Matters with Elan Page
  • What You Need to Know About Interoception with Sarah Collins
  • How to Support Your Children with their Big Emotions with Danielle Bettmann
  • What You Need to Know About Sensory Processing and Eating with Jennifer House
  • How to Raise a Kidpreneur with Sylvia Tam
  • The Importance of Self-Talk with Latonya Moore
  • How Freelancing Can Give You the Freedom to Homeschool with Tara Bushaw
  • Everything You Need to Know About Child-Led Learning with Mary Kirchgestner
  • Everything You Need to Know About Social Emotional Learning with Elizabeth Sautter


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