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Masterclass: Homeschooling With Triggers

Join me for this Masterclass and learn how to homeschool children who are easily triggered. Get the strategies you need to prevent your child from being triggered and for responding to your triggered child in a way that can get learning back on track. 

One-time 1:1 Coaching Session

If you're in need of immediate support, or you would like help figuring out how to apply any of the trainings to your homeschooling practice, you can purchase an individual coaching session with Afsaneh. The session is 75 minutes long and is confidential.

Summit VIP

The entire Neurodiverse Homeschooling Summit available to you at your convenience.

The Resistance Handbook™

If your neurodivergent homeschooler resists or refuses to do assignments and it leads to power struggles, the Resistance Handbook is for you! This video training and journal will give you the knowledge and tools to understand exactly what resistance is (and what it isn't) and how to identify the causes of your unique homeschooler's resistance. 

2nd Summit VIP Pass

The entire 2nd Neurodiverse Homeschooling Summit available to you at your convenience.

How to Create Meaningful Higher Level Learning Experiences

You want your child to engage in meaningful, high level learning, but it's not always clear how to do that -- especially when you're homeschooling more than one unique child. This 4-module video training will take you step-by-step in explaining what it means to create meaningful, high level learning for your homeschoolers and different ways to incorporate it into your homeschooling practice

MLC Group Coaching Program

Weekly group coaching sessions help you navigate all of your homeschooling challenges in a supportive community.

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